Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's been a while, but the news this morning is sweet #tcot #tlot #tpot #teaparty

Good Morning Everyone!

Boy, is it hard to manage a blog when life and working gets in the way! That's probably why you see more liberal blogs than anything. Pelosi should have plenty of time to write as she has a lot less work on her hands now (and Thank God!)

Talk about big wins last night. Congrats to every single Conservative out there. Looks like we got some Blue Dog's out there too in control (read: Manchin).

Honestly though, America and our dedicated readers. Do you really think any liberal is going to take a stand behind Obama? Remember, there are seats up for grabs in 2012 too. Along with the big bosses job.

So tell us, what win impressed you the most? Comment or mention us on Twitter. My personal favorite win was Rand Paul. Its a sign the Tea Party (even though he wears an R), is a force to be reckoned with; and thats a beautiful thing.

Big congrats to Georgia winners Jason Spencer and Nathan Deal! (would have preferred a Ray McBerry win though).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stop Attacking Arizona, Attack the Federal Government!

Ever since the passing of Arizona bill SB1070, thousands have protested, states and cities have chosen to boycott Arizona, and members of the White House have criticized Arizona and Governor Brewer for discrimination and racial profiling. All of this, and not a single opponent of the bill has yet to even read it. It is not very long, and specifically prohibits racial profiling. Instead of facing facts, they just continue to attack Arizona, Gov. Brewer, and supporters of the bill and label them as racist. Funny thing is, the federal government's policies are much worse than Arizona's new law, but nobody will ever tell you that.

Driving anywhere in southern Arizona (as well as all other states that border Mexico) and you can be stopped, questioned, have your citizenship confirmed, or even be searched if you are suspected by the US Border Patrol as being a possible illegal immigrant. The USBP is only supposed to do this within 50 miles of a border and their roles are supposed to be limited to confirming immigration status. However, they do this sometimes up to 100 miles from the border and broaden their stops to include searching for drugs on regular citizens. There are many instances you can find on YouTube where Arizona residents have to stop at a checkpoint on a highway that runs East to West nearly 100 miles north of the border. The highway does not even go into Mexico or anywhere near the border, but USBP feels the need to search random cars for drugs, even if they prove to be a citizen. That's perfectly okay, but Arizona's law is illegal and racist? Odd logic, Washington.

The Arizona law simply allows for state and local law enforcement to be able to confirm the immigration status of any person that commits a crime or a traffic violation. With no federal agents in sight, other than the illegal checkpoints they have setup in southern Arizona, this will greatly broaden the amount of law enforcement checking the immigration status of people. And unlike the federal government, the State of Arizona doesn't allow for this to be random and to affect everyone. It will only affect those that break the law. Anywhere in America, this is standard procedure to check someone's drivers license when they are pulled over. Why is it called racism and profiling when Arizona checks someone's immigration status if that person cannot provide proper identification after being pulled over or arrested?

One obvious fact must be stated -- if the federal government was doing its job and protecting our borders, Arizona would not have a massive economic drain on their state caused by the growing number of illegals. Until our border is closed, Arizona has every right to do what the majority of people want them to and take care of the issue. Illegal immigrants are getting free emergency room visits and their children are getting free education. When it comes time to foot the bill left by the illegals, the responsibility falls on the tax-paying citizens. They are furious and demanded action. Arizona is delivering.

With the drugs and violence coming out of Mexico into Arizona, this is a security issue as well. Too often there are illegals robbing and murdering citizens. They are overcrowding the jails and causing yet another economic drain on the State. When the Secretary Janet Napolitano was Governor of Arizona, she practically begged Washington to help with the growing number of illegals coming into her state. Now that she leads the Department of Homeland Security, she turns her back on Arizona and criticizes the Governor for trying to tackle the issue herself.  Not to mention the fact that the Border Patrol with their illegal searches and their profiling happen to fall under none other than the Department of Homeland Security. Gee, Secretary Napolitano -- you're accusing Arizona of something that your department is doing ten times worse.

People need to look at facts instead of listening to Obama, Eric Holder, and Napolitano spit lies about a bill they have yet to even read. If you have not read the bill, the link is included below. Read it and decide for yourself who to attack - Arizona or the federal government. Based on the facts and the USBP searches that violate the Fourth Amendment, you'd be crazy to listen to Washington on this one. Since when did we trust what they have to say anyway? So enough with the race card - protect our border and remove those who don't have the decency to come here legally.


Click here to read Arizona SB 1070

Obama's Poor Handling of the Oil Spill

It has been 6 weeks now since the explosion at the Deep Water Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and nothing has been done. There has been many failed attempts to "plug the damn hole" and millions of gallons of oil have now leaked out into the Gulf. Governor Jindal of Louisiana is begging for help only to have to sit back and wait for federal approval on his attempts to save his State. This is simply becoming a distraction for Obama and his agenda and after weeks of being scrutinized by even his own party for doing too little about the situation, the White House is finally doing "something".

But what?! A criminal investigation?

A catastrophe is unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, Governor Jindal and the State of Louisiana are crying out for help, the spill is massively spreading, hurricane season is here, and all you want to do is investigate. Forget trying to plug the hole, cleanup the mess, and do what needs to be done immediately and lets sit behind our desks and look for someone to punish. I guess the White House figures that pointing the finger just isn't enough anymore.

Who are their top suspects, anyway? Let me guess -- George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and BP executives. Based on the handling of the situation by this administration, I would say the only criminals behind this are the ones doing the investigation. Looking to lay blame while watching the disaster continue to unfold.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised at the actions of this administration. Much like our economy and other issues here in America, Obama likes to focus on blaming people instead of creating solutions. Meanwhile, unemployment continues to rise, illegal immigration continues to rise, and the White House sues states and opens criminal investigations.

So far in the 6 weeks of this oil spill, Obama has blamed Bush, blamed BP, banned off-shore drilling, opened a National Commission, and now a criminal investigation. Nothing to go tackle the issue, just investigate it and blame people for it. This is by far the worse, most incompetent administration in our nation's history. Let us pray that no one attacks America between now and January 20, 2013, otherwise the only retaliation would be an apology to the attackers and a criminal investigation to find out which one of us "right-wing-extremists" provoked the attack.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier #SOT #USA #AMERICA #militarymonday

Forgot to add this one to the first post.


Happy Memorial Day from SGAFF! Videos for every American! #SOT

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's With All The Back-room Deals?!

Throughout his entire campaign, Barack Obama promised that his administration would have the most transparent government. In the 16 months of his presidency, it has turned out to be the most secretive and crooked administration America has ever seen. From shoving expensive, unwanted bills down our throats to the downright lies and broken promises, Obama and his team are proving to be the worst leaders ever. As discussed in the previous post (Washington, D.C. - Who Do They Really Serve?), these guys are no longer serving the people, but rather ignoring us and using our tax dollars to further their own agenda.

Every major bill that has been passed, especially Obamacare, has included back-room deals. When a Democrat or a RINO is voting against the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid establishment, they use everything from bribery to downright threats in order to persuade them to vote 'Yes'. In order to get their agenda forced down our throats, Pelosi and Reid spent dozens of hours with members of Congress in order to force them to go against the wishes of their constituents and change their votes. Outside of the walls of the Capitol, bribery and threats would be subject to legal ramifications.

As elected officials voted to serve the people, they should vote as the constituents wish them to vote, not how the top Democratic leaders want them to. Any member of Congress that accepts these back-room deals and especially those that are making the deals (as well as the threats) should be removed from their position and tried in court by a jury of their peers. And when I say peers, I don't mean their Democratic buddies that will say "Not Guilty" because of threats and bribes, but rather a group of everyday American citizens whose tax dollars help pay for these ridiculous back-room deals.

The corruption, the bribes, threats, lies, deception, and destruction has all got to go. Every single official that has been a part of the recent destruction of America and all the immoral acts needs to be voted out in the ongoing primaries the next few months and of course in November. Afterwards, they all need to be put on trial for treason. Washington has tread on us long enough. The time for it to end is now.


Washington, D.C. - Who Do They Really Serve?

For many decades, America has been on a steady decline. Starting out, it was quietly happening step by step until the point we are at now where it's becoming blatantly obvious. In the past two years, we have seen bill after bill and policy after policy come out of Washington that the vast majority of America disapproves of. The bailouts, the stimulus bills, Cap & Trade, and Obamacare, just to name a few, are simply designed to give more power to the government at our own expense. Outside of D.C., other policies and treaties are giving more and more control of America to outsiders. If none of this gets you angry, you are not understanding or simply not paying attention.

We the People created this government to serve and protect OUR rights, OUR borders, OUR freedoms. Today, we see them doing more for the banks than for the people. America is broke and in trillions of dollars of debt, yet Washington continues to ignore our demands to stop spending our money. They are essentially using a limit-less credit card to benefit a select few then taking payments straight out of OUR checks. With increasing amounts of taxes being taken from Americans, it is still not enough to even put a dent in the out-of-control spending coming from Washington.

If we are paying for bailouts of banks, giving money to special interest groups, and our representatives are ignoring our demands, this is a textbook example of taxation without representation. Sure we may have the appearance of representation, but its becoming blatantly obvious that these career politicians are not there to serve We the People. They are serving the bankers, Wall Street, and some other invisible empire. Their allegiance is not to us and to our Constitution. Their allegiance is to globalist organizations and the bankers that fund them. They fear these groups so much that they forget they should fear the American taxpayer payer even more.

Recently, the International Monetary Fund decided they were going to bail out Greece. Well, guess who just happens to be the largest payer into the IMF... America! So while Greece is running its country into the ground, us working Americans have to pay 17% of the cost to rescue them. Another recent development is the UN Small Arms Treaty that our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton agreed to. If you visit the UN's website, they have an entire page dedicated to this called United Nations Office for DISARMAMENT Affairs. They are openly saying they want to disarm the people! Why is the government ignoring our Constitution and our People and obeying these globalist groups? Why is Obama the chair of the U.N. Security Council?

The United Nations, the Council of Foreign Relations, and Trilateral are headquartered in New York City. The International Monetary Fund is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Past and present Treasury Secretaries as well as Federal Reserve Chairmen and members have mostly been members of IMF and/or CFR. Past and present Presidents, Vice Presidents, State Secretaries, Defense Secretaries, CIA and FBI directors, Intelligence directors, Supreme Court Justices, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other positions have been constantly filled by members of CFR, IMF, Trilateral, and Bilderberg. The list of government officials part of these groups go on and on. Why are they in America and why do they influence our politicians so much?

When Washington is flat out ignoring the people like they are today, one must question who they are truly working for. It would be safe to say they are not working for you and me. We need to make a change to this. We need to get these groups out of our sovereign nation and out of our daily lives. Too often, our only 2 choices at the ballot box are both members of these groups. They pretend to be different and beg for our votes, but their allegiance is elsewhere. Behind closed doors, they are best friends who are doing the bidding of their globalist groups.

Our votes need to go to people that will put the Constitution and the People above the many globalist groups. If our government is overrun with people from these groups, how can we expect them to work for us? There is enough of them in control these days that they openly ignore us and openly do what they feel is necessary to advance their agenda. Our President and leaders should follow their oath to the Constitution, not the U.N. or CFR. The only way to truly know a candidate won't put the interests of these groups above America and her people is to vote for those who are not part of these groups. Research your candidates, vote in the primaries to get true patriots on the November ballots, and educate others to do the same. Remove the career politicians who have been in Washington long enough to become corrupt and replace them with liberty lovers that can't be bought out. We must stop allowing America to be taken over by some invisible empire, before it's too late.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reagan's Farewell Speech...Thoughts?

Honestly, this is the last true leader we had.

"Man is not free unless government is limited"

"As government expands, liberty contracts"

"Informed patriotism is what we want. Are we doing a good enough job teaching our children what America is, and what she represents in the long history of the world?"

Smile a little today, patriots. Enjoy Ronald Reagan's humor

Feeling a little light-hearted.

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